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UP2DATA ON DEMAND is the online store for historical trading data of B3, created to provide relevant information and trusted by our financial market clients, academic researchers and other interested parties, enriching their databases and favoring more precise analyzes.

These are packages with information about the operations carried out at B3 in recent years, which can be downloaded through a simple online purchase.

What data is available?

UP2DATA ON DEMAND provides historical data of trade information, reference price, settlement price, intraday data, security list and open positions on options and futures contracts listed in B3, as well as indices, curves, economic indicators and volatility surface. Learn more about historical data categories:

  • Security list: characteristics about any financial instrument authorized for trading and/or accepted as collateral on B3's trading and post-trading systems.
  • Open Interest: Open interest is the total number of open or outstanding options and/or futures contracts that exist at a given time.
  • Trade Information: end of day summary of the activities of each security authorized for trading on B3’s electronic system. Among the available data are: last traded prices, minimum prices, maximum prices, trading volume, and amount of contracts traded.
  • Settlement Price: is the price used for determining profit or loss for the day, as well as margin requirements.
  • Reference Price: is the result of a mathematical calculation developed for the pricing mechanism with clear and transparent trading rules, as described in B3’s pricing manuals.
  • Curve: structure of prices / rates defined over time.
  • Economic indicators: are the number, rate or percentage that allow to represent an economic scenario in a quantitative and direct way.
  • Volatility Surface: is a term structure of volatility rates, which are expressed in published deltas and maturities, corresponding to the maturities authorized for trading even when there are no open contracts.
  • Indices: indicators of variation of a particular set of assets / roles.

What are the dataset categories?

The datasets are categorized in commodities, foreign exchange, interest rate, indices, curves, volatility surface, economic indicators and equities.

What are the payment options?

It is credit card only for foreign clients.

When will I receive the file?

Within two business days after payment confirmation.

How long will the files be available for download?

The download can be made up to 30 days through the option "My Account"> "My Orders".

How many times can I download the file?

Up to 10 downloads

What are the files formats available?

The standard datasets are delivered in csv.

What should I do if my file is corrupted or incomplete?

Contact B3 through Contact Us.

I forgot my password to access UP2DATA ON DEMAND, what to do?

If you have forgotten your password, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Log in" option, located on the top bar of this site.
  2. Click the "I forgot my password" option.
  3. Enter the e-mail address you used when registering with UP2DATA ON DEMAND, and then click the "To recover".
  4. Go to the inbox of your email and open the B3 message with the subject "Password recovery." in the temporary password reset link.
  5. When accessing the page, enter a new password and click the "Retrieve" button.
  6. Try to login again

If you need to, contact B3 via the Contact Us.

I forgot my access name to UP2DATA ON DEMAND, what to do?

The username corresponds to the email you used when creating your account.

I already have a registration on another B3 site. Can I use the same username and password?

No, to buy data in UP2DATA ON DEMAND it is necessary to make a new registration here on the website.